Unlocking Creative Potential: Aloca’s Versatile Studio Spaces

November 17, 2023

Aloca: Not Just Houses, But Studios Too!


Aloca is redefining the landscape of creative spaces in Australia. With a diverse range of over 50 studio spaces, we cater to a wide array of creative needs, from photoshoots and film productions to dynamic event spaces. Our studios are not just about providing a location; they are about creating an environment where creativity and functionality meet.

The Ideal Space for Every Creative Endeavour

Fashion, Photography, and Beyond

While fashion brands find a perfect ally in our studios, our spaces are versatile enough to cater to photographers, filmmakers, and event planners. Each studio is designed to be a blank canvas, adaptable to the unique requirements of any project.


Tailored to Your Creative Process

Our studio spaces offer a level of customisation that sets us apart. Whether you need a living room setup, a bed scene, curtains, cycloramas, a green screen, or a variety of props, we have you covered. The ability to control every aspect, from lighting to layout, ensures that your creative vision is unrestricted.


Weather-Proof Your Projects

Don’t let the weather dictate your schedule. Our indoor studios provide a controlled environment, ensuring that your project continues smoothly, regardless of the weather outside.


Cost-Effective and Accessible

We understand the importance of budget-friendly options without compromising on quality. Our studios start from as little as $31.25/hour (for an 8 hour hire), making professional spaces accessible to all levels of creatives. Plus, with locations Australia-wide, finding a convenient space is easier than ever.

Spotlight on Aloca Studio Space Rentals

Cielo Studio: A Haven of Natural Light

Cielo Studio offers an intimate setting with stunning natural light, ideal for photoshoots and personal portraits. Starting at just $31.25/hour, it’s a cost-effective option for high-quality results.

Aloca Studio Space Rentals - ceilo studio

Dreamy Studio: Versatility and Inspiration

Dreamy Studio in Burleigh Heads is a testament to versatility, designed specifically for shoots and events. Its large glass windows provide an abundance of natural light, perfect for photographers and stylists.

Aloca Studio Space Rentals - dreamy space

Rustic Modernised Warehouse: A Blank Canvas for Creativity

Our Rustic Modernised Warehouse is the ultimate versatile space for productions and events, offering a unique backdrop for a wide range of creative projects.

Aloca Studio Space Rentals - rustic modern warehouse

Creative Studio with Cyc in Melbourne: The Cyclorama Edge

This studio in Yarraville features a large cyclorama, providing a seamless background for photography and videography, enhancing the professional quality of any project.

Aloca Studio Space Rentals - Creative Studio with Cyc in Melbourne: The Cyclorama Edge

More Than Just a Space

At Aloca, we offer more than just studio spaces; we provide a platform for creativity and collaboration. Remember, Aloca is not just about shoot location houses; it’s about curating a vast array of creative spaces where a brand can create any backdrop for their shoot, production or event.

Join the Aloca Community

Whether you’re a creator or brand, Aloca’s studio spaces are designed to support and enhance your creative journey. Explore our dedicated studio page to find the perfect space for your next project. With Aloca, you’re not just renting a space; you’re joining a community where dreams are nurtured, and ambitions are realised.

Embrace the freedom to create, innovate, and inspire in a space that’s more than just a studio. Discover the Aloca Studio Space Rentals today.

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