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Aloca is Australia’s leading location-sourcing space and creative community

Aloca was born from our absolute love and passion for creating, hosting and styling, and the desire to help others with the same creative flare and passions as us! When we needed a beautiful space for our own creative project, we came up short. We found the process confusing, costly and a waste of our precious time and energy. So, we decided to create the solution – a space, not a platform, that inspires creativity, promotes community, makes the exclusive, approachable and our crazy lives just a little bit simpler

Rach and Aleace xo

Aloca for creators

Need a place for your next photo shoot, workshop or event? By participating in our community, businesses and creators now have access to cost effective and previously unavailable spaces to suit their creative vision.


Aloca for hosts

We aim to empower ordinary and everyday people to showcase their idle spaces to create meaningful moments for businesses, influences, brands and groups of friends. List your space, get noticed and uncover an additional stream of income.

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