Mastering the Location Sourcing Process for Your Campaign Photoshoot

October 12, 2023
A perfectly styled shoot at Aloca. Location Sourcing for Campaign

Finally, the moment is here- location sourcing for your campaign. You’re all set to shoot, the products are ready for their spotlight, you’ve curated a stellar team – photographers, stylists, make-up artists, models, directors.. The only missing piece? The perfect sea-side abode.


Cue Aloca, your trusted partner for location sourcing.

With Aloca’s user-friendly platform, you conduct a speedy search, filtering by budget and availability. Voila! You land on an idyllic home that perfectly complements your vision. The date is set, the booking is confirmed.


So, what’s next in your campaign photoshoot planning? Thinking through the nitty-gritty details ahead of time ensures a seamless shoot and elevates your reputation as a thoughtful creative who leaves no stone unturned.


Here are FIVE key questions to ask your host to ensure success in your creative endeavour:

1. What styling pieces are available?

Every Aloca space is a treasure trove of unique furniture, decor, and styling pieces designed to enrich your creative vision. If you need something particular for your campaign shoot, it’s wise to confirm if the host can provide it. Photographing food? Ask about the available props, plates, and utensils. Shooting in the pool? Ensure towels are provided. Remember, your host might have a secret stash of styling gems—pillow inserts, throws, vases. It’s worth finding out!

An Aloca kitchen with lots of styling pieces. Location Sourcing for Campaign

2. What are the house rules?

Every host on Aloca has unique expectations and rules for their property. Be a courteous guest and check in advance about any off-limits areas, furniture moving policies, noise restrictions, and of course, any applicable Covid-19 protocols.

Example of Host rules on Aloca listing

3. Where can I park?

Parking logistics can be a puzzle for your team. Makeup artists, models, props, equipment—they all need clear, safe access to the property. Discuss parking arrangements with your host beforehand to avoid any surprises on the day of your campaign photoshoot.

Communication between a host and creative about parking on Aloca dashboard

4. Who is my point of contact?

On the day, your primary contact might not be the host. Clarify in advance who you should reach out to for last-minute questions, issues, or advice. Having a dependable point of contact can be your lifeline in case of unexpected hitches.

5. What are the closest facilities?

When you’re shooting in an unfamiliar area, it’s helpful to have your host’s recommendations for local facilities. From coffee shops to equipment stores, your host’s local insights can be invaluable.


Proper preparation  when location sourcing for your campaign is the secret ingredient to a smooth, stress-free campaign photoshoot. By carefully considering your team’s needs and planning accordingly, you bolster your reputation, credibility, and pave the way for a successful shoot. With Aloca, you’re not just booking a location—you’re ensuring your campaign’s success. 

A perfectly styled shoot at Aloca. Location Sourcing for Campaign

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