Booking Your Perfect Space: A Step-by-Step Guide for Creatives on Aloca

September 13, 2023
Creatives bringing their projects to life in Aloca spaces

As a creative, finding the right space to bring your vision to life is vital. Aloca offers a wide variety of unique locations ready to serve as the perfect backdrop for your next project. If you’re new to our platform or need a little refresher, this blog post will guide you through the process of booking a space on Aloca.

Step 1: Explore Your Options

Start by visiting the location listing page. Here, you can explore a plethora of spaces ready to host your creativity. Each listing includes detailed information about the location and host, along with vibrant images to help you visualise your project in that space.

Step 2: Choose Your Dates

Once you’ve found your perfect location, it’s time to book! Enter your preferred date, times, and minimum hours into the relevant fields on the listing page, and then press ‘Book Now’. 

Step 3: Submit Your Booking Request

Next, you’ll be prompted to fill out a booking request form. This form helps the host understand your project better. Take a moment to read and agree to our Terms and Conditions, then hit ‘Submit’.

After you’ve submitted your booking request, the host will be notified. They will then have 48 hours to confirm or decline your booking. If your booking is confirmed, you will have 48 hours to complete payment and secure the date. 

The process might seem like a lot, but don’t worry! We’ve made it as streamlined as possible. Here’s a handy flowchart to help you visualise the process:

Flowchart on Aloca booking process

Remember, this flowchart represents the maximum windows for host confirmation and creative payment. Often, this process is completed much faster, ensuring you can secure your dream location promptly.

Aloca is committed to making your creative journey as smooth as possible. If you need any help along the way, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We’re excited to see the magic you’ll create in our hosts’ spaces!

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