Stay Home, Go Global: Why Your Next Campaign Shoot Doesn’t Need to Be Overseas

August 29, 2023
Mediterranean style aloca location on the sunshine coast Australia

Wondering why you should opt for a local Aloca campaign shoot? When dreaming up the next big campaign for your brand, you may be picturing a Mediterranean villa overlooking an endless ocean or a Scandinavian cabin nestled within a snow-kissed forest. What if we told you, you can find these captivating settings right here in Australia, saving you the time, money, and hassle of an overseas photoshoot?

Aloca invites you to explore the diverse beauty of Australia and make your global dreams a reality without hopping on an international flight. Here are the reasons to consider keeping it local:


1. Time and Budget-Friendly:

Jetting off to an exotic location might sound thrilling, but it comes with a hefty price tag and logistics that could give anyone a headache. Why not find that perfect Italian courtyard or Californian loft vibe right here in Australia? With Aloca, you save not only money but also the precious time spent on organising complex international shoots.

Mediterranean style aloca location for fashion shoot

2. Australia – A World in One Country:

Who needs to fly halfway around the world when you can find French chateaus, English cottages, and yes, those dreamy Mediterranean villas right here? Our sunburnt country boasts a multitude of architectural styles set amidst breathtaking landscapes. Aloca opens the door to these awe-inspiring properties, allowing you to set your campaign anywhere in the world without leaving Aussie soil.

3. Support Local:

Booking locally means you’re supporting Australian property owners and local professionals. It’s a fantastic way to ensure your campaign benefits not just your brand, but also the community that surrounds it.

Mediterranean style aloca location with white niches

4. No Surprises, Just Delightful Experiences:

Aloca’s transparent booking system allows you to see pricing, availability, and property details 24/7. With direct communication channels to property owners, your queries are resolved efficiently, making shoot planning a joyful experience rather than a chore.


5. Flexibility amidst Uncertainties:

With the ever-changing global landscape, shooting locally provides a safety net, allowing for easy rescheduling or location changes if needed. It also means you can leverage local crew you know and trust instead of leaving it in the hands of people you haven’t worked with before.

A Mediterranean style photoshoot at an Aloca location

6. A Green Choice:

Choosing a local shoot location minimises your brand’s carbon footprint, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers. With Aloca, you’re not just creating a visually stunning campaign; you’re making a sustainable choice.

7. The Unique Aussie Touch:

There’s a distinct charm in Australian properties that adds an appealing edge to your campaigns. Let your brand stand out with this unique character that is quintessentially Aussie.

So, for your next campaign, remember: you don’t need a passport to go global. With Aloca, the world is in your backyard. Discover, explore, and create magic with our incredible Australian properties.

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European castle in the sunshine coast on Aloca

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