August 24, 2021

So you’re finally ready to shoot your campaign. The product has arrived, the photographer’s booked, you’ve found a dream team of stylists, hair and make-up artists, models and directors. Now you just need the perfect sea-side abode…

*Cue Aloca*

A quick and convenient search, filtered by budget and availability, returns to you the perfect home, the date is set, the booking confirmed.

So what comes next?

Considering the finer details of the day ahead of time will guarantee a smoother run and boost your reputation as a well-prepared, thoughtful creative who puts the team’s needs first. What’s that old saying again? Prior preparation prevents… you catch my drift.

By asking your host these 5 questions ahead of time, you’ll be setting yourself up for success in your creative venture.

What styling pieces are available?

Each space on Aloca is unique and well equiped with furniture, styling and decor pieces to enhance your creative vision. But if you require something specific, it’s worth double checking ahead of time if this can be accommodated. Photographing food? Double check what props, plates and utensils the host provides. Shooting in the pool? Make sure towels are available on-site. Styling beds? Single, double, queen or king? Your host may also have a cheeky stash of styling pieces—pillow inserts, throws, vases—be sure to find out what is available to you and where you can find it.

What are the house rules?

Each host listed with Aloca has their own set of expectations and rules for their home. It’s courteous and responsible to check prior to arrival if any areas of the home are out-of-bounds, if the host allows the movement of furniture around the home, if noise restrictions apply and, importantly, what Covid-19 protocols are currently in place, if applicable.

Where can I park?

On-site parking may be required by several members of your team. The make-up artist, the models, props, equipment—all will require clear and safe access to the property. Be sure to discuss the best approach to parking with your host ahead of time. They may ask you to stay clear of lawns or give you the hot tip on side-street access. Worried about the weather? Ask the host for advice just in case and if umbrellas are provided at the property.

Who is my point of contact?

Your point of contact on the day may be different to the host. Be sure to ask the host ahead of time the best point of contact for last minute questions, concerns or advice. Road closures? Not sure where to order lunch? Can’t find a pair of scissors? Having issues with power? Your point of contact may be your life-line in a make or break situation.

Closest facilities?

If you’ve hired a home in an unfamiliar area, it’ll pay to ask the host for recommendations for local facilities. Coffee, lunch, spare equipment (batteries, anyone?), last minute styling pieces, accommodation, salons or beauticians…your host knows their neighbourhood best so save yourself time and utilise their knowledge.

Preparation is essential in guaranteeing a smooth running day for all involved. When you plan your event or photoshoot carefully and consider the needs of your team, you’ll boost your reputation, credibility and be rewarded with an outcome indicative of your hard work.

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