Mid-Century Modern Masterpieces on the Gold Coast: Perfect Homes for Your Next Photoshoot

June 9, 2023

With their sleek lines, organic curves, and playful mix of materials, mid-century modern homes are an embodiment of timeless style and creative inspiration.

At Aloca, we have the privilege of connecting creators with awe-inspiring spaces that offer more than just a backdrop for their work. This is why we have curated a list of some of the most stunning mid-century modern homes on the Gold Coast. These architectural masterpieces are perfect for your next photoshoot, offering unique character and ambience.

1. Mid-century Luxury at Allambi House – Gold Coast

A bold mid-century modern home.

Allambi House is a bold mid-century modern masterpiece, exuding luxury and meticulous design. From the olive green sunken lounge to the chequered-tiled kitchen and stunning bedrooms, every detail reflects the essence of mid-century Hollywood. With its full-height glass hallway overlooking the captivating backyard with a pool and spa, Allambi House offers a glamorous setting for your next photoshoot..

Step inside Allambi House on Aloca.

2. Mid-Century Modern Palm Springs – Gold Coast

A bold mid-century modern home.

This exquisite home is a true tribute to mid-century modern architecture. With its meticulously detailed build and luxurious extras, it presents an opportunity for a truly unique photoshoot experience. Six large skylights bathe the home in natural light, while a myriad of internal curved walls, brushed brass tapware, and Venetian render add to its distinct aesthetic. The open-concept design of this Gold Coast gem provides a plethora of shooting options.

Visit this stunning location on Aloca.

3. Mid-Century Styled Apartment with Private Rooftop – Gold Coast

This apartment boasts a fusion of mid-century modern furnishings and unique spaces. Its light-filled interiors, grunge retro room, and 70’s themed furniture provide diverse scenes for your photoshoot. The private rooftop, painted in pastel Palm Springs tones, offers an inviting setting that captures constant light.

Experience this space on Aloca.

4. Hikari House – Northern NSW

While not strictly on the Gold Coast, Hikari House is too exceptional to overlook. This luxury mid-century inspired home nestles on a beachfront block at Seaside Kingscliff. Bathed in light from floor-to-ceiling windows and featuring western red cedar throughout, the home creates a captivating atmosphere for any photoshoot. The multiple indoor and outdoor areas available are perfect for diverse shots.

Explore Hikari House on Aloca.

5. Midcentury Modern Studio Burleigh – Gold Coast

Situated in the heart of Burleigh Heads, this modern architectural home encapsulates mid-century charm with its naturally lit spaces and high-quality finishes. The open plan living area with a fireplace, the opulent master bedroom, and a media room with a plush dusty pink couch, all provide ample opportunities for diverse photoshoots.

Discover Studio Burleigh on Aloca.

6. No5 Miami – Gold Coast

No5 Miami is a unique blend of mid-century and modern. The stunning pool area, complete with limestone surrounds and stylish pool loungers, is perfect for those summer shoots. Beyond its breeze block wall lies a hidden garden sanctuary with a built-in fireplace and a handcrafted wooden swing. The home’s interior features original hardwood floorboards and big open windows for endless natural light.

Explore No5 Miami on Aloca.

These homes represent the finest mid-century modern masterpieces on (and around) the Gold Coast. Each space offers its own unique character, making them perfect venues for your next creative project. At Aloca, we believe in creating amazing stories together. Explore these architectural gems and get inspired for your next photoshoot.

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