Tayla Meyers Creative

January 29, 2021

Meet Tayla Meyers


We were lucky enough to meet Tayla working a side gig in a local store before she got too busy with @taylameyerscreatives and took the plunge to grow her passion full time 🙌🏼

Story telling through photography and branding is Tayla’s expertise. She prides herself on being different to the big front of shop companies in Brisbane and truly invests her time in getting to know her clients goals and their background storyline’s 💕


How did you get started? tell us a little bit about Tayla Meyers Creative..

It all started back in 2016, I put an ad on gumtree and started up my Insta account! From there, I would regularly freelance doing anything and everything whilst working my corporate 9-5.

After spending a few years growing my biz, I left the corporate world back in 2019 to put more love into my business….I’m so fortunate to still regularly shoot with my first ever paying client from my gumtree ad!

Your pans for 2021?

This year is actually the first year I’ve ever had a clear vision of my business path and goals! Prior to now, I’ve really just trusted the process and wanted to see where this path would take me.

I’m a total dreamer so I have many goals for 2021 haha but I think this will be a really big year for setting some strong foundations to really grow a business that’s much more than just taking photos.

Best features you’ve seen at a photoshoot location?

For me, it’s all about diversity. I appreciate a location with lots of different areas. Keeps things exciting and gives my client a variety of content.

Are white walls really necessary?

Nooo, not at all.

Benefits of natural light?

Natural light is my best friend!! Seriously makes all the difference when shooting. If the space is naturally well lit, it just makes for a much more luminous final image.

…Man made light just doesn’t quite cut it.

Key things you ask hosts before the shoot day?

It’s important to always confirm if there are any areas of the home the host may have restrictions or reservations about – this allows a comfortable experience for them but also gives me full confidence of where I’m able to shoot.


What’s the furthest travelled of a photoshoot?

I think the furthest would be Noosa? Although, I’ve got my fingers crossed for some interstate travels later in the year!

Most common request of location from your clients?

My clients are mostly busy gals trying to run businesses whilst juggling children so I’m always searching for locations close to Brisbane!

Hence my happiness about Aloca! You ladies are really changing the game for us content creators. X


Website: https://taylameyersphotogr.wixsite.com/taylameyerscreative

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