Em Golden’s Top 10 Tips For Hosts

July 2, 2021

Meet Emma, Owner and founder of Em Golden Photography.  Emma is located in one of the most beautiful parts of Australia, Northern NSW. She specialises in family and portrait photography, capturing the raw and real moments in time. The moments that are fleeting and truly worth capturing, worth remembering, worth honouring, worth framing.

10 Things a Photographer Looks For in a Space


1. Beautiful light: think large windows, open spaces or bright and crisp outdoor areas.

2. A point of view: whether your property has bold, creative styling or a more muted, neutral palette, you’ll attract your ideal client if your point of view is clearly presented..

3. Functional spaces: spaces don’t need to be huge to work for creatives, but they must be functional. Consider your placement of furniture to accentuate the property’s features and avoid clutter.

4. Window coverings: sheer curtains are a non-negotiable for many indoor photographers. They help diffuse harsh natural light and will soften the interior.
5. Interesting design: Think arched doorways, raked ceilings or striking fittings and fixtures.
6. Landscaping: A well-maintained outdoor space will diversify your property, giving creatives more on-site options.
7. Styling: Whether your aesthetic is minimalistic or highly styled, remain consistent throughout the property.
8. Accessibility: at a minimum, creatives will require spaces for vehicles and clear access to the property.
9. A view: if your property has a view, to the sea, the mountains, the gardens or a pool, enhance it by removing obstructions and maintaining the surrounding areas.
10. Safety: consider the safety of your guests by removing clutter, obstructions and unfriendly pets from the property.


If you are located in the Northern NSW region and are looking for someone to take your photos Emma is your girl 🙌🏼



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