December 1, 2021

Nothing says cool and confident quite like a fresh, festive and fun new outfit from Queensland’s most-loved coastal fashion house, Blue Bungalow.

This powerhouse brand brings you on-trend and incredibly flattering fashions time and time again for every occasion and for women of any size and age.

Blue Bungalow knows what makes women feel great. They’ve been outfitting women Australia-wide and across the world for close to ten years and have built a loyal fan-base and an online community of over 10, 000 members by placing positivity, honesty and empowerment at the very centre of all they do.

Combine this with exceptional customer service, a body-inclusive approach to fashion, a vibrant and welcoming flagship store, located in Newstead Queensland, and a bustling online store, Blue Bungalow is the fabulous, go-to fashion retailer for women who want to feel confident and beautiful any day of the week.

Blue Bungalow’s latest collection, a chic and coastal range that’s just perfect for those long summer days and all the fun of the festive season, called for a campaign shoot location equally as luxe and stylish as the range itself.

With Palm Springs holiday vibes in mind, but jet-setting abroad out of the question (thanks ‘rona), Hannah of Blue Bungalow turned to Aloca to find the perfect Palm Springs inspired abode in her very own city.

See that’s the thing about Aloca… why waste time navigating the uncertainties of travel when Aloca brings the world to you?

Palm Springs in Queensland? You’ll find it here

Or how about an impeccably styled country home smack bang in Brisbane? We’ve got you covered with this one!

Or a secluded, architecturally designed tropical oasis? Then this is the location for you.

Not only was Hannah able to browse Australia’s best photoshoot locations on Aloca, she could browse a range of homes so diverse in style, design and architectural influence her search was truly like having the world at her fingertips.

What’s more, Hannah was able to filter her search by availability (a dream for those last-minute projects) and find exactly what she was looking for quickly and easily, with no time wasted on dead-end enquiries.

For Hannah, Aloca’s price transparency is an absolute game-changer and a must when it comes to shooting and creating content for the fast-paced fashion industry.

“I could get it done in minutes,” she said about booking on Aloca and with no hidden surprises (we lay it all on the table), the whole campaign shoot went off without so much as a hiccup.

So next time, you’re in the market for a mood-altering outfit that screams cool, chic and confident, make Blue Bungalow your first stop.

And if it’s a world-class campaign location you need, you’ll find it on Aloca.


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