February 12, 2022

First impressions count, meaning that, as a host, your content is key to booking conversions. The photos are the first thing customers will look at when considering your location for hire, so if you’re wanting to maximise your chances of being booked, there are a few things you’re going to want to think about when selecting photos for your listing.

Location: Coastal Mediterranean House 

1.Show your space(s). Present a clear photo of each available space at your location, using a wide-angle shot, like the one below, as opposed to close ups. This enables your potential customers to really get a feel for your space, and understand what they have to work with. Include bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, living areas, stair cases, outside areas etc, maximising diversity and creating appeal across different types of products and brands for consideration.

2. Give examples of how your space has been used. Use the professional photos from previous shoots to inspire, like product, fashion, events, styling etc. Showing how your space is used for photoshoots can help the customer visualise their own brand or event in your space.

Location: Kotahi House

3. Show the diversity of light. Morning, midday and afternoon lighting will give a clear idea of how your property shoots at different times of day. Some photographers and brands will prefer that warmer afternoon sun for their images as opposed to soft morning light.

4. Invest in professional content. Seriously. If you want to put your best foot forward, have the professionals called in. We work with an array of wonderful photographers, like Villa Styling and The Palm Co, who capture properties perfectly. Their ability to truly position your space in the right light as opposed to standard iphone shots could be the make or break of a booking, and are fantastic for use across marketing collateral, social media and even potential press opportunities.

So, ready to put your best foot forward?

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