February 6, 2022

A location can make or break a photoshoot! Here are our top 4 things product photographers look for in a photoshoot location to help you set your location up for success!


#1 – Natural light

While many product photographers do have artificial lighting, many tend to lean towards the locations that can provide beautiful natural light. Having photos that will showcase the best natural light spaces in your location is essential.

Location: Kotahi House

Even advising on your listing what time of day is best for different types of light and which rooms receive the best light! For example, a photographer might be after that warm afternoon sun for their client to shoot in a bedroom. Or they might be after something more soft and even. Lighting is everything in a photoshoot! 


#2 The Vibe!

When a product photographer searches for locations, they’re looking for spaces that will match the aesthetic of the brand they’re working for. 

For example, if the photographer has a skincare client with a pink colour palette, they’ll be searching for either a pink or neutral bathroom to shoot at. It’s important to showcase as many spaces as possible in your home to help the photographer make a quick decision on whether or not to pitch your location to their client. 


#3 Variety of Spaces

Photographers always strive to give their clients variety in their gallery and so it will be important to showcase as much of your home as possible. Your kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, living spaces, outdoor areas… any space you believe a photo could be taken, should be shown on your listing. 

Location: Vanilla Palm Abode

Again, this will help the photographer make a decision as to whether or not they might want to shoot at your location. And if you have props to play with as well… even better! 

You might want to do your own photoshoot and find some photogenic nooks in your home that will help a photographer see what their shoot could look like prior to booking with you.


#4 Proof of Concept

Photographers love to see where their fellow photographers are shooting at and how the photos turn out! It helps them to visualise what the location might be able to offer their own client base and which brands it might suit. 

Being able to show proof of concept in your location where you’re able to showcase different types of products being shot (e.g. fashion, beauty, home decor etc), will attract the eye of photographers. 

Overall, you want to help product photographers make a decision as quickly as possible. Often, the photographers are the ones who organise the shoots for their clients. And the way they’re going to judge whether or not your location is suitable is via the 4 things listed above. 

Written by Amanda Campeanu

Product Photographer, Brisbane QLD


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