March 13, 2022


As a business owner herself, no one understands the daily juggle of filling all the job roles more than Casey Mason, Founder of Insidr Media.

Not only are you the face and brains of the business, but the marketing expert, accountant, e-commerce team, customer relations manager, payroll officer, receptionist, her needy dog who just wants snacks and back scratches all day, the PA and any and every role in between.

From content creation and caption writing, to full scale, personalised social media strategy, complete with in-house photography and videography services, Casey draws on over 10 years of experience in social media management.

“When business owners are bogged down in the mundane daily tasks these roles demand, social media is often the first to be neglected,” Casey states, “Yet, it plays a huge part in brand visibility, consumer trust, growth and customer experience.

“More than that, Instagram is your direct touch-point to your clients, so a dynamic and engaging presence on the platform is not only recommended, it’s expected.”

Casey notes that Insidr Media is beyond passionate about helping other businesses reach their target audience through savvy and up to date strategies. And that’s why solid content counts.


BTS from City Caves commercials at Queenslander Family Home

So, how does Aloca come into this?

“We service a wide range of clients in a number of industries and having the one database to browse locations and sort through based on aesthetic, budget and location is a huge time saver for our business as a whole,” says Casey.

“Our clients like peace of mind knowing that, when fulfilling their activities, we are working with genuine locations that have the flexibility to meet the criteria of their individual brief. 

“Whether it is a product shoot in a kitchen, a cinematic interview set up or lifestyle photos by the pool, we can rely on Aloca to have the perfect location for us.”

“The fact that the locations are constantly updating too means we never feel like we are doubling up on sets, and can really push our creativity with a wide number of options to choose from. This also benefits our clients as they continuously get fresh and updated content, which we’re always across thanks to Aloca’s updates,” Casey says.

Alcoa prides itself on our ability to provide a diverse portfolio of locations across Australia, owned by, what we believe to be, the very best group of hosts in the industry. Flexible, approachable and great communicators, no matter what it is you’re creating, we’re sure to have a connection to suit your brief. 

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