Bringing Your Space to Life: The Power of Video Walkthroughs for Aloca Hosts

August 17, 2023
An Aloca host capturing their space with a video walkthrough

Have you ever found yourself thinking about how to better showcase your location to prospective creatives? Well, we have a solution that’s likely sitting right in your pocket – your iPhone.

In the dynamic world of content creation, static images can only tell part of your location’s story. A video walkthrough, on the other hand, brings your space to life in a way that photos can’t. Not convinced? Let’s delve a little deeper into the reasons why you, as an Aloca host, should consider creating a video walkthrough of your location using just your iPhone. And don’t worry, we’ll also share some handy tips and tricks to ensure your video tour stands out. Keep reading to discover our Aloca Video Walkthrough Guide.

Why Should You Shoot a Video Walkthrough?

Showcase the Space and Light: Videos offer a three-dimensional perspective of your space, capturing not just the length and breadth, but also the height of rooms. They also present the opportunity to show how natural light falls and changes in your space throughout the day.

Present the Flow and Layout: A video allows you to guide the viewer from room to room, highlighting how the spaces connect and flow into each other – a vital factor for creatives planning their shoots.

Enhance Spatial Awareness: With a video walkthrough, you can help creatives gauge the space’s capacity – where they can place their camera gear, models, or props. This understanding can significantly influence their shoot planning and efficiency.

Offer a Realistic View: Architectural photos are often shot using wide-angle lenses or enhanced with photo editing tools, presenting a somewhat distorted view of the space. In contrast, a video provides a more authentic experience of your location.

Minimise Questions and Reccees: A well-shot video can preemptively answer a host of questions that creatives may have, potentially saving you time spent on back-and-forth communication or organising site visits.

Promote Trust and Transparency: Finally, videos can help foster trust and transparency between you and potential clients. A comprehensive video walkthrough can reassure creatives that what they see is what they will get, which can boost their confidence in choosing your location.

Creating an Engaging iPhone Video Walkthrough: Aloca Video Walkthrough Guide

We’ve laid out the compelling reasons for shooting a video walkthrough of your location. Now, let’s explore how to make one that leaves a lasting impression.

Golden Hour Shooting: The soft, warm light during the early morning or late afternoon can lend a delightful ambience to your space. Make the most of these ‘golden hours’ for shooting your video.

The Right Orientation: Always shoot in the appropriate orientation.  Landscape  provides a wider field of view whereas portrait is desired for those who watch content on their phones.

Steady as You Go: Keep your movements smooth. Sudden changes in direction or speed can be jarring for viewers. If you have a stabilizer or gimbal, use it. If not, holding your phone with both hands while moving slowly can help reduce shakiness.

Keep it Snappy: Aim to keep your video around 2-3 minutes long. You want to engage your viewers, not lose them in a lengthy tour. Remember, your aim is to intrigue them enough to book your space, not have them buy your home.

Pre-plan Your Path: Before you hit record, walk through your space and plan your path. Make sure to cover all the essential areas, points of interest, and any unique features your location offers.

Narrate Your Walkthrough: A little commentary can go a long way. As you guide viewers through your space, share some insights about each room, its function, unique elements, or why it might be interesting to a creative team.

Capture the Unique Features: Whether it’s a stunning view from the balcony, a grand fireplace, or an unusual piece of furniture, make sure to highlight the unique selling points of your location.

End with a Warm Invite: Conclude your video by inviting creatives to bring their visions to life in your unique space.

Creating a video walkthrough may seem a little daunting initially, but with a little planning and creativity, it can be a fast, fun and rewarding experience. More importantly, it’s a potent tool for showcasing your location in its full glory, attracting more bookings, and making the entire process smoother and more satisfying for both you and the creatives who book your space.

So, why wait? Grab your iPhone, plan your walkthrough, and start filming. We can’t wait to see your location come alive in video!

Still have questions or need some guidance on creating your video? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We’re here to help you every step of the way. Remember, every location has a story. Through video, you have the power to tell it. Happy filming!

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