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Opening Hours

  • Mon - Fri: 6:00 AM - 9:00 PM
  • Sat: 6:00 AM - 9:00 PM
  • Sun: 6:00 AM - 9:00 PM

About this space

Welcome to our vibrant, 4-bedroom modern home, an ideal space for a variety of photo shoots and creative projects. This space is highly versatile, catering to a wide array of creative pursuits. Whether you’re aiming for a family-oriented photoshoot, a fashion catalogue, lifestyle blogging, or even a small film project, our property offers you endless possibilities.

The home is designed with a contemporary, white, minimalist aesthetic. The open-plan layout lends itself to flexible staging and offers several different areas that can each suit specific activities.

For intimate and cozy setups, our master suite is your ideal spot. Equipped with a queen bed, an ensuite, and a walk-in robe, it’s perfect for luxurious lifestyle shoots. The two additional bedrooms, each with a double bed, provide a great setup for a variety of indoor scenes, while the fourth bedroom, featuring bunk beds, brings a dash of playfulness to the mix.

Our outdoor spaces are just as accommodating. The spacious deck, furnished with a modern outdoor setting, is fantastic for capturing natural light and staging relaxed, casual scenes. The green, grassy backyard offers ample space for larger setups or scenes that require movement.

Some unique characteristics of our space include the stunning vines draping down one side of the backyard, offering a unique, nature-infused backdrop. The modern white interior works well with different lighting conditions and enhances the colors of any costumes or props, providing a visually compelling contrast.

Our property not only provides you with beautiful shooting locations but also ensures the comfort and convenience of your team during your time here. While we do not have a specific list of amenities provided for this purpose, we’re open to discussing any particular needs you might have for your project.

In essence, our space provides a blank canvas with a twist of modern sophistication, allowing you to let your creativity flow and capture the perfect shots. Every corner of our home has a potential story to tell, and we can’t wait to see how you’ll tell yours.


  • Hourly: $130.00
  • Minimum number of hours: 2
  • Price for 8 hours (weekdays only): $535.00



  • Air-conditioning
  • Green screen
  • Natural light
  • White space


  • Film Production
  • Meeting
  • Photoshoot
  • Workshop

Maximum Guests



  • Children allowed: Yes
  • Cooking allowed: Yes
  • Smoking allowed: No
  • Pets allowed: Yes
  • Party allowed: No
  • External catering allowed: Yes
  • Swimming allowed: Yes

Refund and Cancellation Policy


Exact location provided after booking.

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