Get Ahead of the Festive Curve: Why Aloca Hosts Should Deck Their Halls Early

September 21, 2023
Christmas shoot location aloca

As we wave goodbye to the chills of winter and welcome the blooms of spring in Australia, there’s another season fast approaching: the festive photography season. If you’re an Aloca host, now’s the perfect time to sprinkle some Christmas magic and create an Aloca festive listing. And no, we’re not jumping the gun; we’re just staying ahead of the curve.

Why Set Up a Christmas Display Now?

Trending Seasonal Bookings: Believe it or not, while many are dusting off their BBQs for the spring, professional photographers, marketers, and filmmakers are scouting for the perfect Christmas backdrop. They craft festive advertisements, content, and campaigns well in advance, specifically in September and October. By preparing your space early, you tap into this unique, high-demand market segment.

Enhanced Visual Appeal: The magic of Christmas lights, the charm of a beautifully adorned tree, and the warmth of festive décor can transform your space. It doesn’t just appeal to those seeking a holiday backdrop but can also make your place feel cosier and more inviting to any potential client.

Stand Out in the Crowd: Given that most hosts might not think about Christmas décor until late November, having your space ready by September could give you a significant competitive advantage.

Christmas stlyled home Aloca festive listing

How to Optimise Your Aloca Listing for the Festive Season

Create a Separate Christmas Listing: While your standard listing showcases your property in its usual glory, consider creating a separate festive-themed listing. This targets and attracts clients specifically searching for Christmas settings for their shoots and productions.

Update Your Listing Description: Mention in your listing that the tree is up. Furthermore, for clients who might be interested in your space but not necessarily the festive décor, specify the location of the tree and other decorations. This transparency provides clarity and helps potential clients visualise how they can utilise the space.

Show, Don’t Just Tell: Refresh your listing photos to include shots of your home decked out in festive attire. These visuals can be incredibly enticing and offer a clear representation of what clients can expect.

Flexible Decor Options: While fixed decorations can be enchanting, consider having a few movable festive pieces. This flexibility ensures that if a client wishes for a different Christmas feel or wants to adjust the setting slightly, you can easily accommodate those requests.

Christmas styling at shoot location aloca

Making the Most of the Festive Season with Aloca

Remember, the allure of festive décor isn’t limited to just September and October. Once your home is set for the holidays, it becomes a prime location for diverse photoshoots and film productions that require a festive atmosphere.

Christmas shoot at Aloca festive listing

In conclusion, Aloca hosts have a unique opportunity to get into the festive spirit early, setting the stage (quite literally!) for a lucrative season ahead. So, unpack those decorations, string up those lights, and let the world know: Christmas has come early to your Aloca listing! 🎄📸🏠

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