Top Brisbane Photographer and our November #locatedwithaloca Winner!

December 18, 2021

So you need a photographer and in your spare five minutes between little Johnny’s swimming lessons and that phone call with your accountant you’ve been putting off for half the year you sit down with your good mate Google:

“Brisbane Photographer.” Cue a thousand and one results. Right.

Let’s try “Gold Coast Photographer.” One thousand and two. Okay, okay.

“Family Photographer with magic child-wrangling skills, a double-chin eraser and Ryan Gosling face swap for my husband.” No results. Hmmmm.

Well then try this one: “Eve Editorial”

One quick scroll over Eve Editorial’s home page and you’ll quickly realise you’ve struck gold (literally!).

Meet Marigold (but you can call her Gold), the powerhouse photographer behind Eve Editorial, the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast’s premier professional photographer specialising in branding, editorial and family photography.

Eve Editorial is all about breaking away from the norm and delivering an experience and gallery of images that will leave your chin on the floor.

Priding herself on her drive to tell your story in new, exciting ways while always capturing your best side, Gold’s primary goal is helping you feel empowered and confident in front of the lens.

As a child-whisperer and lover of all the dorky, playful and wild parts of family life, Gold’s ability to capture your family candidly, authentically and honestly is unparalleled. A quick scroll through her past work and you’ll see family after family captured in a way that shows their unique spirit.

Or if it’s a branding photographer you’re after, Gold will extract your sparkle in creative, stylised and personalised headshots that are far from awkward or forced and nothing short of a piece of art (“damnnnn I look good!”).

Sick of hearing women complain “I could never look like those women in the magazines,” Gold has taken her wealth of knowledge and experience in the fashion photography industry to give to businesswomen a creative session that delivers images that will wow you and have your clients feeling welcomed, connected and engaged with your brand from the outset.

With several magazines, brand campaigns (Myer and Hush Puppies to mention a few) and Melbourne Spring Fashion Week under her belt, Gold brings her diverse and professional skills to every job and even educates other photographers, from beginners to pros, in a range of personalised courses.

Not sure where to have your photo shoot? Gold is no stranger to using Aloca’s beautiful homes as the backdrop for campaign and branding work. In fact, she’s even photographed some of our homes for their listings! Her favourite? The Queenslander Family Home is a standout and so accessible for professionals in Brisbane.

Brisbane Photographer

Need more convincing that Eve Editorial is the right fit for you? You can view highlights from Gold’s extensive body of work and read raving testimonials at It’s no wonder she’s South East Queensland’s go-to for all things branding and family, right?

If you’re ready to preserve your family’s legacy in honest, joyful and frame-worthy captures while having a truely memorable and easy going experience in front of the lens then Gold is your gal.

Or if it’s branding and headshots you need that scream Beyonce over boring, trust Gold to having you looking and feeling your best in a fun, creative and anything-but-uncomfortable branding session.

Ready to enquire? Head over to or email Gold at [email protected]

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